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How Old Is My Pet Dog?

A common question the staff at de la Houssaye Animal Hospital receives is “How old is my pet in people years”. That is always a tough question to answer because the age of your pet in relation to “people years” may depend on the breed, condition, or species of your pet. To make it easy, […]

Separation Anxiety

Canine Separation Anxiety is a common disorder that many dogs suffer from. Until recently, signs associated with this disorder were considered “normal”. This is now known to be untrue. There are reasonable treatments now available. Signs of separation anxiety are: It is important to remember that these signs are not only for separation anxiety. Other […]

Hip Dysplasia

Canine hip dysplasia is a condition most often found in the hips of large-breed dogs. It is basically a malformation of the hip that progresses over time. When a potential owner of a large breed puppy is interested in purchasing a pup, a very common concern is whether there is a history of CHD in […]

Cognitive Dysfunction

Until recently, certain actions of your “older dog” were considered to be normal. It has been determined that some signs of “old age” in a dog is not normal but is really brought on by chemical and physical changes in the brain that can actually be treated with a medication called “Anipryl”. This in turn […]


Canine Hypothyroidism is a condition in which there is a deficiency of thyroid hormone. This condition primarily affects dogs. It is a rare condition of cats. This condition, if seen, usually affects medium to large breed dogs over 2 years of age. This condition can be inherited. Signs to watch for: These signs are not […]

Tracheal Collapse

Tracheal collapse is a condition most often seen in small breed dogs, such as the following: Tracheal Collapse is a condition that usually presents itself the first time as a harsh, dry cough. In most cases, what causes tracheal collapse is an increase in activity which causes the dog to breathe harder or faster than […]

Gastric Dilitation Volvulus

Gastric dilitation volvulus or “GDV” is a very serious and life threatening condition of large and giant breed dogs. Other smaller dogs may develop this condition but that is not as common. This condition is also known as “bloat”. Conditions that contribute to the development of this emergency are as follows: These are just a […]

Patella Luxation

Patella luxations are a very common orthopedic condition in veterinary medicine. This condition is usually found to affect small breeds of dogs, unless the condition is brought on by a form of trauma in larger breeds. This condition is becoming more frequently reported in cats. Dog breeds known to be affected by this condition include: […]

Heart Disease

Heart disease is a very serious condition and potentially life-threatening situation that we all take seriously when it involves a loved one in our family or close friend of ours. It is equally important to realize that heart disease or heart failure is also a serious or potentially life-threatening possibility with our pets, be it […]

Heartworm Facts

Heartworm disease is a serious and often fatal disease of dogs. It can be treated rather successfully if caught in time but most importantly, It can be prevented very easily! The de la Houssaye Animal Hospital recommends a once a month preventative until 6 months of age. From that age forward, we recommend a once […]