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Dental cleaning and polishing should be done on all pets on a yearly basis. It is a procedure that requires general anesthesia for the procedure to be thorough. Extractions will sometimes be made during the procedure. If more specialized work needs to be done, a veterinarian with special skills related to dentistry may be needed. A consultation can be arranged if needed. Success of a dental program always requires participation at home with dental products and special foods such as chew toys, brushing, dental washes and Science Diet T/D food.

Bad teeth and gums can lead to:

  1. gingivitis
  2. tooth decay
  3. bad breath
  4. bone decay of the upper and lower jaw bones
  5. Heart disease
  6. Kidney disease
  7. Liver disease
  8. Systemic infections

This procedure can be done on the same day as a spay or neuter.

The procedure at de la Houssaye Animal Hospital consists of scaling, polishing, and application of fluoride,  with a recommended home treatment schedule which helps to delay the adherence of bacteria and plaque to your pet’s teeth. We will also send antibiotics home to prevent secondary infections from occurring.

It is very important to remember that maintaining good oral health as with ourselves, is an ongoing commitment that requires periodic repeat dental cleanings.