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The de la Houssaye Animal Hospital recommends the ear cropping procedure between the ages of 12-16 weeks of age if desired.

This surgery is usually scheduled as same day surgery and release. It can be done on the same day as a spay or neuter.

Breeds which usually have this procedure done are:

  1. Boxers
  2. Pit bulls
  3. Doberman Pinschers
  4. Miniature Pinschers
  5. Great Danes
  6. Schnauzers

This procedure is strictly cosmetic and is not needed if the owner does not wish to have it done. Those who wish to show their pet, may need this procedure to compete.

After the procedure is performed, we try to use as little head dressing or “hardware” as possible on the pets head and ears. We find that this helps to keep your pet as comfortable as possible and makes maintenance of the surgical site on the owners part much easier. We also send a prescription of antibiotics and pain relief medication home to help keep the pet as comfortable as possible during the recovery period. As long as our clients try to follow our recommendations as much as possible, the recovery time and ease of recovery tends to be favorable.

We would be glad to discuss this procedure with you at your convenience.