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Canine hip dysplasia is a condition most often found in the hips of large-breed dogs. It is basically a malformation of the hip that progresses over time. When a potential owner of a large breed puppy is interested in purchasing a pup, a very common concern is whether there is a history of CHD in the line that the puppy is coming from. This is because of the fact that CHD is an inherited defect and can be passed down to future generations.

The level at which it presents itself and the time at which it presents itself can vary between each individual pup from the same gene pool. The degree of severity is also individually different.

Diagnosis can be tentatively made by taking into consideration the history and clinical presentation of the affected dog. BUT, the only way to definitively diagnose this condition is by use of X-rays. Once the diagnosis is made, treatment can range from adjustment of activity to medication all the way to corrective surgery of the affected hip by either adjustment of the hip or a total hip replacement.

Because this is not considered a good trait to pass down to future generations, it is not recommended that dogs affected with this trait be used for breeding.

Pets with this condition can still lead long healthy lives. If you are interested in finding out if your dog has this condition and what you can do for it, please call the de la Houssaye Animal Hospital.