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A common question the staff at de la Houssaye Animal Hospital receives is “How old is my pet in people years”. That is always a tough question to answer because the age of your pet in relation to “people years” may depend on the breed, condition, or species of your pet.

To make it easy, since there are so many variables to follow, the list below is what we use to help guide our clients and ourselves when estimating a pets age.

Dog’s Age—–0-20lbs——-21-50lbs——-51-90lbs–>90lbs


This schedule can be extended as the years of your dog increases. Please also remember that there are many different scales or schedules that can be used to estimate a pets age and the one we use is just one of them. Hopefully this will just help you to understand the age of your pet and how it is important to know when it is time to begin treating your pet differently as they get older.

As your pet gets older, just as we do with ourselves, we must start a health program to prevent those problems that come with age. They too can become afflicted with the same heart, lung, liver, kidney and cancer type diseases we are susceptible to.