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Patella luxations are a very common orthopedic condition in veterinary medicine. This condition is usually found to affect small breeds of dogs, unless the condition is brought on by a form of trauma in larger breeds. This condition is becoming more frequently reported in cats. Dog breeds known to be affected by this condition include:

  1. Poodles
  2. Chihuahuas
  3. Terriers
  4. Cocker Spaniels
  5. Pomeranians
  6. Lhasa Apsos
  7. Dachsunds
  8. etc.

This condition can be present almost the entire life of a dog and never really cause any problems and it can also be a source of tremendous pain and require surgical correction. One thing is for sure, from the moment this condition presents itself, it will only get worse over time if the condition changes at all. The only way to alleviate any pain or mobility problems is to surgically correct the situation. Pain medication only lasts for so long and once it wears off, the pet is sure to be uncomfortable once again. Another concern if the condition goes uncorrected is that when the patella is not in its proper location, the knee becomes unstable which can lead to more serious conditions such as cranial cruciate ligament ruptures. Once this happens, surgery is a must if the pet is to use the leg in any acceptable way in the future.