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Sarcoptic mange, also known as “Scabies”, is a nonseasonal intensely puritic parasitic skin condition. This parasitic condition is very easily transmitted from either animal to human or human to animal. To diagnose this condition, a procedure called “skin scraping” is performed and the sample obtained is then examined under a microscope. This procedure is very important and necessary because so many skin conditions can cause the same problem and look the same to the naked eye.

Once the diagnosis is made, this condition is usually treated very easily with a parasitic dip, antibiotics for an ongoing skin infection, medication to control itching, and/or oral medication. The form of treatment will depend on the individual situation.

It is very important to treat the environment the pet is housed in as well as any other animals that the pet in question came in contact with. If your pet is diagnosed with scabies, do not automatically assume that you will contract this form of mange. It would be wise to just be very careful when handling your pet, wash your hands and clothes thoroughly, and monitor your pet and family members carefully to avoid prolonged exposure. It is de la Houssaye Animal Hospitals experience that if the client follows our recommendations carefully, the treatment process is very quick without further exposure to family members. If you or your family members do contract this mange, treatment can be easily achieved with topical medications available at your pharmacy. We do recommend you consult with your physician no matter what the situation is.

de la Houssaye Animal Hospital and its staff would be happy to discuss this condition with you further.