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The term seizure is used to refer or make reference to an involuntary function of the central nervous system. This term is not used to diagnose the cause of the involuntary action but only to refer to the action itself. Seizures can be a result of many different causes. Some of these causes are as follows:

  1. Congenital
  2. Hereditary
  3. Trauma
  4. Toxins
  5. Neoplasia(cancer)
  6. Infections(viral,bacterial, or fungal)
  7. Fever
  8. Internal organ abnormalities
  9. Low blood sugar(hypoglycemia)
  10. Chronic degenerative conditions
  11. Older age

These are just a few examples of the many causes of seizures.

It is very important to try and determine the cause, if possible, so as to hopefully avoid the long-term use of anticonvulsants. If the exact cause is undetectable or it is not fully correctable, the anticonvulsants are warranted and necessary to help control the seizure and give back your pet the quality of life it so deserves.

Seizures for the majority of time can be easily controlled but it does require a minimum of care from the owner. This includes periodic blood testing and examinations with daily administration of medication. Once a routine is developed, the daily care becomes very easy.

There are many medications on the market suitable for seizure control. What would be suitable for your pet would depend on the individual situation.

It is also important to remember that a seizure can take on many forms which means that any abnormal activity can be suspect. If the behavior of your pet is abnormal or your pet experiences a sudden episode of tremors, twitching, uncontrollable movements, or anything that concerns you, seek attention immediately.

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