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Tracheal collapse is a condition most often seen in small breed dogs, such as the following:

  1. Chihuahuas
  2. Poodles
  3. Pomeranians
  4. Yorkshire Terriers
  5. Terriers
  6. Lhasa Apsos
  7. Dachsunds
  8. etc.

Tracheal Collapse is a condition that usually presents itself the first time as a harsh, dry cough. In most cases, what causes tracheal collapse is an increase in activity which causes the dog to breathe harder or faster than usual. This causes the trachea to collapse on itself which in turn brings about the cough.

As the condition worsens, not only does the pet cough more often with light exercise, but breathing can become difficult. As it becomes harder for the pet to breathe, the animal begins to panic and get excited which in turn makes the condition worse. In very extreme and acute cases, death by asphyxia may occur.

In addition to clinical signs and presentation, x-rays are the best if not the only way to surely diagnose this condition. This may include use of contrast studies and/or fluoroscopy.

Treatment ranges from changes in activity to medication and or surgical replacement of the portion of the trachea that is affected.

If you feel your pet may be suffering from this condition, and you would like to know more about treatment for your pet, call the de la Houssaye Animal Hospital.