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Vaccinations are very important in the health of a dog or cat for the same reasons as they are in human beings to prevent disease. The de la Houssaye Animal Hospital strongly urges a routine vaccination program for the following reasons:

For a short time after birth, the puppy or kitten recieves its immunity from its mother in the form of milk it recieves while nursing. This immunity will begin to diminish by the time the puppy or kitten reaches 6-7 weeks of age. The purpose of the vaccine boosters is to pick up where the nursing left off. The boosters stimulate immunity in the puppy and kitten for long term protection. It is essential that all the boosters be given so as to stimulate the greatest amount of protection. The vaccines are then given every year thereafter according to specific recommendations for your pet. Although all vaccines are not 100% effective as is with any thing, it is the de la Houssaye Animal Hospital’s experience that those animals properly vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian have a far better chance of avoiding these diseases.